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The History Of The VW Bus

The History Of The VW Bus

Author: Phoenix Delray

The Volkswagen Bus, officially named the Volkswagen Type 2, is the second vehicle line produced by the German automaker best known for the Type 1 Beetle. The VW Bus is also known as the Transporter and made its debut in the year 1950. Inspiration for future cargo and passenger vans, several versions of the Volkswagen Type 2 are still being made today in world-wide markets.

The very first of its kind produced in 1950, the Type 2 came with a split windshield, prompting its common nickname, the Splittie. The Splittie was made through 1967 and featured the same technology, which in large part attributed to the success of its cousin, the Beetle, built using VW Aircooled Parts. Volkswagen Restoration Parts are largely available today which makes the VW Bus a popular, classic vehicle to own and maintain. But this popularity does not come without some difficulties, in fact, the year 1959 was so troublesome for the VW Bus that a massive recall took place in which all Transporter engines were swapped out with new VW aircooled parts, specifically the 40 hp engine.

The VW bus is still popular today for many reasons, perhaps due to the fact that Volkswagen restoration parts are so readily available and cheap to purchase. A sought after car from the 1960s and on, again, much like its predecessor the Beetle, Type 2 Busses served not only as cars, but symbols of their generation. A representation of an emerging counterculture, the Volkswagen Bus could hold many people along with their belongings, and so it became known as a hippy mobile. Today, the Type 2 is still popular among travel enthusiasts, particularly campers, surfers and families who generally enjoy a leisurely drive. Models produced in more recent years started marketing campaigns directly geared toward such crowds, some busses even come with built in campers, while older versions were simply used to sleep, and even live within. All these facts along with few major car maintenance issues, VW aircooled parts continue to serve as dependable, functional pieces of machinery which comprise an overall pleasant to drive vehicle.

Volkswagen restoration parts and advice for how to rebuild and maintain the VW bus, are available throughout online and traditional retail stores. A plethora of books are available for purchase regarding VW parts and, within the internet age, there are many chatrooms, blogs and online articles dedicated to VW buses, VW parts and everything else a car owner would want to know about their classic.

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  1. Great history lesson about the VW bus.

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